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Brain Injury And Stroke

Cognitive skills can be strengthened to improve quality of life

Stronger Brain Skills Improve Quality of Life


People with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) - whether the injury was sustained during an accident, illness, or while playing sports - see great results from BrainRx brain training*.

People with brain injuries, as well as stroke patients, commonly struggle with thinking, memory, reasoning, and focus - all of which are strengthened by our BrainRx cognitive development programs.

* Improvements in cognitive brain function is dependent on the severity and type of brain injury or stroke. This will also be determining factors in qualifying an individual for a BrainRx program.

How We've Helped Clients with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Image of MRI research results on the effects of BrainRx brain training for adults with traumatic brain injuries.
 Image with research dats showing the results of BrainRx brain training for children with Traumatic Brain Injuries.
Meet Real Life TBI Hero, Herman
Image of a BranAbility student holding his certificate.
BrainRx and Traumatic Brain Injuries

BrainRx and Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Can BrainRx Really Make A Difference?


The combination of accurate, affordable Cognitive Skills Testing, powerful and researched one-on-one training programs, dedicated Cognitive Trainers, and great client feedback allow us to answer with a confident "Yes!".

What To Do Next


Our Cognitive Assessment can pinpoint strong and weak cognitive skills, and provide you with the information you need to help you strengthen your cognitive abilities after a traumatic brain injury or stroke

The assessment is done in-centre or online from the comfort of your home, is available in English and Afrikaans, and includes a detailed feedback consultation with a Cognitive Development Specialist.

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