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Struggling Students

Stronger cognitive skills make learning easier

Is Your Child Finding Learning Harder Than It Ought To Be?


Homework struggles?
Poor grades?

Problems with attention or memory?

Finding it hard to keep up in the classroom?

Not performing to their full potential?

Often described as 'smart but lazy', 'in his own world', 'lacks effort'?

Simply changing schools, using another study method, tutoring, homeschooling or working harder will not address the root cause(es) of a learning struggle.

What needs to be addressed is the brain's ability to absorb, process and remember. Research shows that around 80% of learning, reading, memor
y and attention struggles are caused by a weak cognitive skill or combination of weak cognitive skills.

Completing a Cognitive Assessment is the 1st step in the process of identifying if this is the cause of your child's learning struggles, and pinpointing which cognitive skills might be weak.

Weak cognitive skills can be strengthened with the extensively researched, and internationally acclaimed BrainRx cognitive development program.
BrainRx training uses intense mental exercise to strengthen the core cognitive skills responsible for how well we think, learn, remember, think on our feet, and pay attention.


From experience working with families just like yours, we know that every child has potential. We can unlock it together.

Take the first step and schedule your child's Cognitive Assessment TODAY.  Let's start this journey together.

Dylan's BrainRx Story

Dylan's BrainRx Story

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Can BrainRx Really Make A Difference?


The combination of accurate, affordable Cognitive Skills Testing, powerful and researched one-on-one training programs, dedicated Cognitive Trainers, and great client feedback allow us to answer with a confident "Yes!".

What To Do Next


Our Cognitive Assessment can pinpoint strong and weak cognitive skills, and provide you with the information you need to help your child address learning struggles. 

The assessment is done in-centre or online from the comfort of your home, is available in English and Afrikaans, and includes a detailed feedback consultation with a Cognitive Development Specialist.

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