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Portrait of the patient's smile is a cancer asian, where the strong mind is treated with c

Cancer Patients

Stronger Cognitive Skills Improve Quality of Life

There’s No Doubt That Good Mental Performance Improves Quality Of Life.


Cancer patients whom have received chemotherapy treatment, often struggle with cognitive functions like thinking on their feet, memory, reasoning, and focus - all of which are strengthened by our cognitive development programs.

Being able to think clearly, remember well, and continue to learn new things, are foundational abilities that impact every area of life on a daily basis.


Because BrainRx strengthens the brain skills that make it possible to think, remember and learn, our programs are beneficial for cancer patients of all ages who have completed their chemoptherapy treatment and want to strengthen cognitive skills affected by the chemoptherapy.


Through our cognitive assessments and researched one-on-one brain training programs, our clients generally experience improvements in Memory, Logic and Reasoning, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Attention, and overall Processing Speed.

Can BrainRx Really Make A Difference?


The combination of accurate, affordable Cognitive Skills Testing, powerful and researched one-on-one training programs, dedicated Cognitive Trainers, and great client feedback allow us to answer with a confident "Yes!".

What To Do Next


Our Cognitive Assessment can pinpoint strong and weak cognitive skills, and provide you with the information you need to help you strengthen your cognitive abilities. 

The assessment is done in-centre or online from the comfort of your home, is available in English and Afrikaans, and includes a detailed feedback consultation with a Cognitive Development Specialist.

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