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Sports Enthusiasts and Sports Professionals

Brain fitness is as important as body fitness

Cognitive Training Improves Mental Performance on the Sports Field


Sportsmen and -women rely on sharp mental skills to survive and thrive in a very competitive work environment.


Being able to think fast, learn quickly, process information logically and accurately, recognise patterns, communicate well, and remember facts and procedures is critical for success and advancement.


The BrainRx program strengthens the cognitive skills that make it possible for the brain to perform all these functions.


Stronger cognitive skills mean stronger mental performance, and that’s good news for anyone on the sports field.

Can BrainRx Really Make A Difference?


The combination of accurate, affordable Cognitive Skills Testing, powerful and researched one-on-one training programs, dedicated Cognitive Trainers, and great client feedback allow us to answer with a confident "Yes!".

What To Do Next


Our Cognitive Assessment can pinpoint strong and weak cognitive skills, and provide you with the information you need to give you a mental boost on the sports field

The assessment is done in-centre or online from the comfort of your home, is available in English and Afrikaans, and includes a detailed feedback consultation with a Cognitive Development Specialist.

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