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Our Cognitive Assessment

Pinpoint which cognitive skills may need to be targeted and strengthened to learn easier, think faster and perform better.

Step 1: Assessment

What if you could identify the cognitive weakness behind a memory, attention, reading or learning struggle...and then strengthen it?

The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills is a non-invasive way of clinically measuring your current cognitive skills, and is always the first step you should take.

Your assessment can be completed online or in-centre, and in more than 23 international languages, including English or Afrikaans.

Step 2: Feedback

Your assessment includes a detailed 1-hour feedback consultation to provide you with your assessment results and options.


Once we identify which cognitive skills are weak, a personalised, targeted cognitive skills development program can be designed for you.

Step 3: Training

If you decide we're a good fit for you and sign up for your Cognitive Development program, you too will discover what over 100, 000 clients in 46 countries already know.


You CAN train the brain to learn easier, think faster, remember more, and perform better.

At any age.

Step 4: Final Assessment

Once you've completed your program, a post-training Cognitive Assessment is performed as part of your training program package.


One way to measure the overall results of our cognitive development training is to consider the gap between how well someone performed in cognitive function prior to their cognitive training (pre-training test) and their cognitive performance on completion of their cognitive development program (post-training test).


Another way to measure the overall results of our brain training - and definitely our favorite - is the feedback we receive from our clients and their families about the changes and improvements they are seeing and experiencing.

Why Test 

People come to us because they want to learn faster, read better, increase attention skills, develop a sharper memory, or simply process information more quickly.

When someone comes to BrainAbility, the first thing we do is administer a comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment (also called a Brain Skills Assessment).

Because each person has a unique cognitive profile, a Cognitive Assessment is the 1st step towards pinpointing strong and weak cognitive skills, and individual needs.

Taking the test does not obligate you to sign up for a cognitive development program and, in fact, will provide you with helpful information whether or not you decide to pursue brain training.

The Gibson Test will give you invaluable information about current cognitive brain performance as you determine the next best step for yourself or your child, student, patient or client.

People Test To

  • Find the cause for any learning, reading, attention, memory or performance struggle
  • Identify ways to further enhance the performance of average or already high-performing students (in the classroom and even on the sports field)
  • Validate observations
  • Discover masked cognitive weaknesses
  • Choose appropriate learning interventions
  • Make better choices on how to support/guide a struggling learner
  • To establish an age & gender-appropriate cognitive baseline/benchmark
  • Measure cognitive ability over time
  • Measure before-& after-season effect of undiagnosed/undetected concussions on the cognitive ability of contact-sport athletes
  • Get to know their own cognitive ability (curiosity)


Image of a sample Cognitive Assessment report page from the Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills
The Cognitive Assessment results will help you learn more about your child's (or your own) ability to:
  • Learn and remember
  • Follow instructions
  • Pay attention and stay focused
  • Read and comprehend
  • Keep up and flourish in the classroom (and even on the sports field)
  • Think on their feet and adapt to change
Sample image of a Gibson Test of Cognitive skills cognitive assessment by BrainAbility
Text indicating the assessment can be done in English and Afrikaans.
 Image of a sample Cognitive Assessment report page from the Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills
 Image of a sample Cognitive Assessment report page from the Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills


The cost of an assessment is normally R2,443.00 per person. From 9 - 31 March 2024, in celebration of International Brain Awareness, you SAVE 25% and pay only R1,832.25 per assessment.
  • The assessment fee includes a detailed 1-hour feedback consultation (in-centre or via Zoom), scheduled as soon as your assessment is completed as well as a copy of your assessment report
  • Receive 10% discount per assessment when 2 or more family members schedule an assessment together (if no other discount is applicable)
  • Suitable for children and adults, from the age of 6 years to senior adults
  • The assessment takes about 45 - 60 minutes to complete and can be done in-centre (Pretoriuspark, Pretoria East centre) or online from home/the office
  • The assessment must be completed when the person doing the assessment, is at their best. Morning or early afternoon (before 14:00) is preferable
Schdule Assessment

Schedule your assessment in two easy steps:

Step 1   Complete the booking form below. 


Step 2   Be on the lookout for two emails from us. Within the next 24 hours (during weekdays, and the next workday over weekends and Public Holidays), we'll email you confirmation of your appointment as well as your invoice for payment.

The assessment fee includes a detailed feedback consultation, a copy of your assessment report, as well as an individualised recommendation on the best way forward.

As soon as your assessment is completed, we'll set up your in-centre or online feedback consultation.  

Have a few more questions?  We'll gladly assist, so please reach out to us.

In-Centre Assessment Times:


09:00 - 14:00


07:00 - 14:00

Tuesdays - Fridays


07:00 - 13:00



Sundays & Public Holidays

Schedule an

Step 1: Schedule my Assessment

Who's responsible for payment:

Who's completing the assessment:

Preferred assessment time
Preferred assessment language

Congratulations on taking the First Step!

We'll be in contact soon to finalise your assessment appointment.

An Evidence
Based Test

The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills scientifically measures the performance of key cognitive skills. Administered all around the world, the Gibson Test has been validated and normed twice by experts in the fields of learning and cognition, and has strong psychometric properties that meet or exceed the standards for educational tests.  


It is grounded in the Cattell-Horn-Carrol theory of intelligence that describes thinking as a combined set of multiple cognitive abilities including skills such as Logic and Reasoning, Long-term and Short-term memory, Visual and Auditory processing, and Processing Speed. 


Research has shown that around 80% of struggles with reading, memory, attention, and learning are typically caused by weak cognitive skills - something that’s often overlooked. The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills identify strong and weak cognitive skills, while the internationally validated and researched-based BrainRx cognitive development programs target and strengthen those weak skills. 

The Gibson Test takes less than an hour to complete, includes a detailed feedback consultation and copy of your report, and is available in more than 23 languages, including English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Cantonese, Indonesian, Mandarin, Hungarian, Malay, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Filipino, Lithuanian, Polish, Taiwanese Hokkien, and Afrikaans!


Click here for a video abstract of the original research paper “Reliability and validity of the revised Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills", a computer-based test battery for assessing cognition across the lifespan” published in the journal Psychology Research and Behavior Management by authors Moore and Miller.

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