Studying for tests and exams (or doing homework) taking too long?



We can help!

Many parents wonder: “Does my daughter have the skills to learn easily? Will my son ever focus or comprehend material
without me constantly by his side?” "Why is it taking her so long to study?" "Why can't he remember what he studied?"


The good news is that the underlying foundational skills for learning can be strengthened.

Unlike tutoring - which aims at repeating and reteaching information that was missed or not understood the first time - BrainRx’s
intense brain skills training exercises improve skills that boost brain function. Students gain the extra time and efficiency needed to succeed - regardless of their current academic level.


It’s a bold approach, but improving cognitive efficiency allows our learning experts to create a personal strategy that can restore and strengthen your child’s love of learning and make homework - as well as studying for tests and exams -  easier, more efficient and faster.



A Cognitive Skills Assessment (Cognitive Skills testing) identifies the root causes of the homework and learning struggles - and strengthening brain skills overcomes them. Increased cognitive skills strength translates into an increased ability to learn, pay attention, remember and read.


Attitude, confidence, self-esteem, and grades all improve. So does the time your child (and you) now have to relax, spend family time together, or do something you've never had the time for before.

Call to schedule a testing appointment for your child. The testing is fun, takes about 45 minutes, can be done online, and includes a follow-up consultation with a Cognitive Skills Specialist.

Two Simple Questions...

What will happen if you strengthen your child's learning skills?
What if you don't?


BrainAbility is a group of cognitive testing and training centers that offers unique, research based programs which dramatically enhance learning ability - for both struggling and advanced students.

Our unique power comes from precise cognitive skills testing and our individualized, one-on-one brain skills training offered in-centre and online.

From 6-year old students to senior adults, our customized training can benefit anyone who wants to make learning, thinking, or reading easier and faster.


Take the first step today to identify your child’s unique brain skills (cognitive) profile.

samples of cognitive profiles