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Test and Consultation:

  • The test includes a detailed 1-hour feedback consultation (via Zoom)

*     Family Discount:

We offer 5% discount on each Cognitive Test when two or more family members schedule a test together. Please complete the booking form below for each individual family member.

To do the online Brain Skills Assessment, you need:

  • A tablet, laptop or desktop computer

  • Internet access

  • Earphones (optional)

  • An area/room where there's minimal distractions

  • To do the test in one sitting (takes +- 45 minutes to an hour co complete)

  • Please complete the booking form below for each person doing the test.

NOW: Complete the form below to schedule your test. Within 24-hours (weekdays) you will receive two emails from our office, one with confirmation of the scheduled test, and one with an invoice for payment.

THEN: Once the test is completed, we will be in contact to set up your feedback consultation.  

Details received: Congratulations on scheduling your test.

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