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OPTI-Study focus on understanding cognitive strengths and weaknesses, changing study habits, improving retention and saving time.


Lifelong learning has become a key essential to thrive in life as we know it today.


Should you or anyone in your family have trouble studying inside or outside of the formal environment (classroom), or would like to improve your skills, you will benefit from the OPTI-Study Program. 

Our OPTI-Study program has been purposeful developed to understand, target and develop cognitive skills and applied study planning or study strategies. Therefore not only developing but influencing the student’s mindset, changing study habits and as a result,  influencing performance - not only when studying but performance back in the formal learning environment as well.   


Our process starts with a Brain Skills Questionnaire. This will provide us with insights to assist you with understanding, training and planning with the focus on changing study habits, improving retention and saving on time.


On completion of the Brain Skills Questionnaire, we will schedule the first feedback session to get you going.  Scroll down for program options.

Program Options:
Cognitive Skills essential for Learning:

Attention (Selective, Divided and Sustained Attention) The ability to stay on task even when distractions are present.


Simultaneous Processing The ability to handle more than one thing at a time (i.e., the ability to recognize a word without sounding it out, listen to the instructor while taking notes, or to drive a car while carrying on a conversation).


Sequential Processing The ability to link a series of input over time. This is a skill required for reading so that the beginner can blend a series of sounds to create words and the advanced reader can link a series of words in order to understand the story or idea.


Planning The ability to decide how you are going to solve a problem, make sure it gets done, check it for mistakes, and modify it if needed.


Processing Speed The ability to perform cognitive tasks quickly which is an important skill for complex tasks or tasks that have many steps (i.e. if you are dividing two numbers in your head but the processing is slow, you might have forgotten an earlier calculation before you are done and have to start all over again. You took longer to do the problem than your ability to remember).


Short-Term Memory The ability to store and recall small amounts of information about the current situation. Students with short-term memory problems may need to look several times at something before copying, have problems following instructions, or need to have information repeated often.


Long-Term Memory The ability to recall information when needed that was stored in the past. This is very important for spelling, recalling facts on tests & exams, and comprehension.


Auditory Processing The ability to perceive, analyze, and conceptualize what is heard. This is critical in reading and spelling because it includes hearing, identifying and blending sounds, and sounding out words.


Visual Processing The ability to perceive, analyze, and think in visual images. This includes visualization, which is the ability to create a picture in your mind. Students who have problems with visual processing may reverse letters or have difficulty following instructions, reading maps, doing word math problems, and comprehension.

Logic & Reasoning  Enables you to reason, form ideas, and solve problems. Plays an important role in the ability to transfer knowledge/information.

Option 1


3 Hours

Cognitive Skills Test

Goal-setting Strategies

Improved Study Flow

Option 2


12 Hours

All the above

Understand Brain Skills Influence

Brain Skills Development

Improved Learning Management

Impacting on Study Habits

Cognitive Performance

Learning Strategy Level 1

Option 3


14 years and older


All the above

Preferred Thinking Styles Test

Understand Study Influencers

General Cognitive Integration

Cognitive Performance Strategy Level 2

Not sure which OPTI-Study program to choose?

Start with the Brain Skills Questionnaire. This questionnaire will provide you with insight into which OPTI-Study Program will be best suited to you or your child. 


On completion of the Brain Skills Questionnaire, we will schedule a quick feedback session to get you going. 

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