Virtual Testing & Training during COVID-19

About our virtual cognitive testing and 1-on-1 training programs.

All our clients (from ages 6 years to 106) are doing virtual (online 1-on-1) training. That means, where ever you are in South Africa, you no longer have to miss out on this amazing program just because there isn't a cognitive development centre in your area yet!


Our virtual training sessions are short, intense, fun and effective.  What do our clients think about their virtual training sessions? Below is just a few of the testimonials we've received. 


All new clients begin by taking a Brain Skills Assessment (takes about 45 minutes to complete) and a follow-up Consultation via  Zoom.

The Consultation is included in the cognitive testing fee, takes about an hour to complete, and is conducted between the Center Director and the parents/adult client.


The Brain Skills Assessment helps uncover the “why” behind your or your child’s biggest cognitive struggles. When a person consistently grapples with learning, ADHD, reading, math, school, memory, work performance, or another cognitive issue, those struggles are most often caused by one or more weak cognitive skills.


Fortunately, our cognitive test can identify those weaknesses, and those weaknesses can be strengthened by our 1-on-1 cognitive training programs. Our programs are backed by more than 35 years of research and discovery. We invite you to learn more about the extensive research behind our programs.

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This is what our clients have to say about their virtual training sessions:

The BrainAbility Team proactively worked to get their fantastic cognitive training program online when the corona virus hit our shores, and in doing so, ensured our daughter could continue with the program she started.​


The Cognitive Trainer facilitating our daughter's online sessions is fantastic, and the online enablement easy and fun to use.

So much so, that our daughter Dioné, can't wait for her remote training sessions!

Riaan & Christie Odendaal

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I absolutely love the remote training sessions! They're really intense but fun, and I would recommend it to every professional person out there.


In this economic time of turmoil, the best investment you could possibly make, is to enhance your ability to perform better in the workplace.


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I would like to thank the staff at BrainAbility for making us feel like family.

I have seen Jordan's confidence levels rise in the month since she's started her program.

Many thanks.


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I would like to commend you for your warmth and empathy. These kept Luvo going, and looking forward to the BrainRX sessions like before (face to face). I must say, the Skype sessions did not make any dent in his enthusiasm.


I have no doubt that the program has made a huge impact on his self esteem and intrinsic motivation.

Seeing him committed to do the exercises on his own without being supervised is also very exciting to me. 


Keep up the good work.   

Dr. Nyameka Mankayi

Lehan started his BrainRx sessions at BrainAbility in his first term of 2020. He enjoys it so much that, if he could do BrainAbility instead of school work, he would.

It has enhanced his memory as well as the areas of delays - start to focus, start a project and get it done instead of putting it off.

In the current climate of Covid 19 lockdown, the one-on one video calls and online activities have assisted us to keep up with the routine and brain stimulation.

It definitely makes a difference when we do our home schooling that follows.

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Desperation sent me running all over to find help for my son, who was performing below average in class.

Fortunately, I found BrainAbility and the BrainRx program, which raised my hopes.  My son was able to undertake the assessment and start his face to face sessions.

But alas! The ravage of coronavirus resulted in a lockdown that made it impossible to continue with the face to face classes in the centres.  Luckily enough, BrainAbility is able to offer the international BrainRx program online, face to face via Zoom or Skype. 


My observations and conversation with my son lead me to say the following:


1. It is advantageous to have online training, which has ensured the continuity of the program without compromising quality.


2. Going online has enabled access to eligible candidates who may not have done so before because of busy schedules, or for those living in areas that do not have such programs available yet.


3. My son’s reading speed has tremendously improved. We always read books in the evening, and that is evident.


4. He enjoys the lessons. 


5. You do not have to force or remind him to take the classes. He tells you that it’s time and goes ahead and prepares himself.


6. His understanding of issues improved.  He is currently undertaking school classes online too, and tells me he is one of the kids who answer questions quickly and without much struggle.


7. My son’s memory has improved.  He can remember what he saw or read without a struggle. 


8. The online classes provide flexibility in scheduling to incorporate other tasks, including attending to formal school courses online.


I would advocate for the continuation of these online classes even when the situation normalizes. 

Christine Kamwendo