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How your brain process information, affects every area of your life.

We live in an ever-changing world where the demands on our brain to perform at higher levels of efficiency increases daily.

To be successful at living and achieving at school, university, at work and in life, you need to increase your brain's ability to process information.

We're more and more aware of the importance of a good diet, enough sleep and regular exercise. But why only focus on your body and not on your brain too?

Your brain ability impacts your Job Performance, Academic Performance in School and at University, your ability to perform on the sports field, and how sharp you will be as a senior.

What can you expect from us:

  • One-on-one cognitive brain training for children and adults

  • Post-training Testing

  • Reliable, well-researched and published testing and training programs

  • Internationally trained Cognitive Development Specialists

  • Professional Brain Trainers passionate about what they do

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As part of the biggest 1-on-1 cognitive development company in the world - and with a full suite of cognitive testing and training programs - we achieve unmatched results to help you or someone you love overcome learning, reading, memory and concentration struggles.

Our Programs:

  • The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills  Did you know that struggles with thinking, learning, reading, memory, and attention are often caused by weak cognitive skills? If you or someone you love is struggling in one or more of these areas, or simply want to know how your current cognitive brain skills are performing, The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills is the right place to start.

  • BrainRx Cognitive Development Program for children and adults

  • ReadRx Reading & Spelling Program for children and adults

  • BrainLeap Attention Arcade  attention and focus strengthening program for children and adults

  • Cognitive Health Checks for senior adults

  • BrainAbility Neuro-bikes™ great brain-fun for the whole family on truly exceptional reverse bicycles

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My brain training has been an utterly wonderful experience!

I am so much more efficient and I believe that I can achieve many things in life.


I had a change in attitude towards life and school work..

and now even finish assignments at least two days before they are due!


Better Brain. Better Life. Better Future.

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