Measure and Improve Your Thinking for Better Results

The HBDI®  - Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

Learn how thinking drives your performance

We all have different ways we prefer to think. We also have the ability to adapt our thinking to:

  • Communicate with those who have similar preferences as well as those who think differently

  • Improve decision making and problem solving

  • Appreciate diverse thinking preferences and how they contribute to outcomes

  • See beyond mental blind spots to reach breakthrough results

The assessment to measure your own, your team or your organisation's thinking, evaluates and describes degrees of preference for thinking in each of the four quadrants of the Whole Brain® Model.

HBDI® Overview 

Highly Validated

  • Test-retest reliability

  • Internal construct reliability

  • High face validity

Easy to Understand, Remember and Apply

  • Created to solve problems in a business environment

  • Designed for application so people can quickly benefit

  • Can describe a variety of mental processes, from individual and team preferences to customer viewpoints and corporate culture

Positive and Constructive

  • Brain-based premise emphasizes ability to think across the spectrum of preferences

  • Doesn't label, limit or put people into 'types'

Foundation for Increasing Thinking Agility

  • Employee, leadership and team performance

  • Talent management and engagement

  • Sales, service and marketing effectiveness

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A pro-4th Industrial Revolution People Development Program Initiative.

Better thinking is everyone's business.