The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills™

What is you could identify the cognitive weakness behind a memory, attention, reading or learning struggle...and then strengthen it?

The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills is a non-invasive way of clinically measuring current cognitive brain function.

The Gibson Test meets the highest scientific standards, and has been administered more than 100,000 times since 1999 by professionals including Psychologists, Educators, Neurologists, Audiologists, Speech & Language professionals, and Cognitive Training specialists around the world.

It has been validated and normed twice by experts in the fields of learning and cognition, and has strong psychometric properties that meet or exceed the standards for educational tests. 


It is one of the few cognitive tests that measure a wide range of cognitive skills - the core skills the brain uses to think, learn, and perform in school, at university, at work, and in life. 

What Difference Can Cognitive Testing Make for You or Your Child?


Many families and individuals describe experiencing an “Aha!” moment when they see the results of their cognitive test. In fact, we often hear comments like “Now everything makes sense!” as clients see the performance of weak skills responsible for some of their most frustrating daily struggles.


The reason to complete a cognitive test to identify weak skills is simple: once identified, weak skills can be strengthened through cognitive training. Strengthening these skills typically addresses the root cause of the problem, and removes frustrating obstacles to learning, reading, remembering and concentrating.


Identifying weak skills can:

• Give professionals and families the answers they need to make informed decisions regarding the best cognitive development  intervention for a child or adult

• Save time and money that might have been spent pursuing interventions that don’t address the root cause of the problem

Research tells us that 80% of struggles with reading, memory, attention, and learning are typically caused by weak cognitive skills - a condition common in children and adults that’s often overlooked. Our unique programs target and strengthen those weak skills. 


This means the way you think, learn, read, pay attention - even your IQ - is not set in stone, but can be changed and improved.

All it takes, is 3 easy steps: 

Step 1 

We begin with a baseline Cognitive Test to identify which of your cognitive skills may be showing signs of weakness. During the COVID-19 period, the test can be done online from your home or office. The test is used in more than 46 countries around the world and available in 23 languages, including English and Afrikaans.


The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills scientifically measures the performance of the following key cognitive skills:

• Long-term Memory

• Working Memory

• Processing Speed

• Auditory Processing

• Visual Processing

• Logic & Reasoning

• Attention 

• Word Attack skills (not a cognitive skill but essential for fluent reading)

Step 2 

Your test includes a detailed feedback consultation to provide you with your test results and options.

The report you will receive following the completion of the test will give you a detailed look at individual cognitive strengths and weaknesses in each of the cognitive areas. It will also be our guideline for a specific program recommendation.

Step 3 

When you sign up for one of our cognitive development programs, we partner you with a dedicated Cognitive Trainer who guides you through intense but fun brain building exercises. The 1-on-1 training is done remotely during the COVID-19 period, via Skype or Zoom from the comfort of your home or office. 

Click here for a video abstract of the original research paper “Reliability and validity of the revised Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills, a computer-based test battery for assessing cognition across the lifespan” published in the journal Psychology Research and Behavior Management by authors Moore and Miller.

Take the 1st Step and schedule your baseline Cognitive Test today.

Don't  wait one more day, week or year! A baseline Cognitive Test is the 1st step towards pinpointing strong and weak cognitive skills, and gaining the information we need to help you overcome memory, learning, reading and attention struggles.

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