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Restore Cognitive Gravity

A disturbing fact - cognitive changes related to the normal ageing process, stress, early onset burnout and/or illness are fairly common, and this can start as early as a person's 30's or 40's.

Subtle symptoms include forgetfulness or taking more time to process new information or completing complex tasks.

In most instances the person affected will hide this as best possible; few managers or co-workers will notice this early on.

Over time though, as cognitive changes deepen, some employees may show more detectable problems with memory or functioning.

They may forget regularly scheduled meetings, have difficulty with problem solving, or be unable to switch back and forth between tasks.

In most of these cognitive decline cases, the symptoms are reversible.

Neuroplasticity teaches us that with focused one-on-one cognitive development interventions, the brain can be trained to achieve a higher level of functionality.

Cognitive decline should not have a destructive influence on someone's career or business.

Our programs are scientifically proven and can support and influence most of these instances.

So, why not be proactive? Do a Cognitive Health Assessment for yourself and your staff - why wait?

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Can you afford not to be proactive?