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What if you could strengthen and develop your cognitive brain skills for better memory, attention, reading or learning?

Cognitive skills (also referred to as brain skills or the foundational skills for information processing)  are the core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. Working together, they take incoming information and move it into the bank of knowledge you use every day at school, at university, at work, and in life.

Each of your cognitive skills plays an important part in processing new information. That means if even one of these skills is weak, no matter what kind of information is coming your way, grasping, retaining, or using that information is impacted. Here’s a brief description of each of your cognitive skills:

BrainRx is our core cognitive brain skills development program.


Offered on a one-on-one basis with a Certified Cognitive Trainer, this non-invasive program works on all the core cognitive skills for struggling, average and high-performance students of all ages (age 6 to 96).

Our procedures consist of intense mental exercises that are also really fun to do. This is because our Brain Skills Trainers know exactly how to encourage and challenge clients past their comfort zones and into the thrill of new accomplishments.

BrainRx is both a pioneer and leader in the field of cognitive training.


The client-trainer relationship is foundational to the BrainRx experience.

During your program, you’ll do fun, challenging exercises for your brain with the help of your own personal Brain Skills Trainer.


To understand the impact of working with a personal Cognitive Trainer, physical fitness training provides a great analogy.

Think about what it’s like to commit to working out daily at the gym with a personal trainer who customizes your workouts, holds you accountable, and encourages you beyond your comfort zone.


Now compare that with the experience of purchasing a workout DVD with the good intentions of making time to work out when you feel like it. See the difference? That’s the difference a training relationship can make.

The one-on-one training relationship can truly be a game changer in the cognitive training experience. The face-to-face nature of the training relationship allows our Cognitive Trainers to:

  • focus on results by customizing each training session and encouraging clients to work past their comfort levels

  • focus on attitude by challenging clients to recognize and pursue their potential, learning to see failure not as something to be avoided at all costs, but as a temporary stepping stone to greater success

  • focus on confidence by encouraging struggling children and adults to fully engage, embrace challenges, recognize improvements, and celebrate gains.

Step 1 

We begin with a Cognitive Assessment to identify which of your cognitive skills may be showing signs of weakness. The assessment can be done online from your home or office. The assessment is used in more than 46 countries around the world and available in 23 international languages, including English and Afrikaans.


The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills scientifically measures the performance of the following key cognitive skills:

  • Long-term Memory

  • Working Memory

  • Processing Speed

  • Auditory Processing

  • Visual Processing

  • Logic & Reasoning

  • Attention 

  • Word Attack skills (not a cognitive skill but essential for fluent reading)

The assessment will tell us why you or your child are experiencing certain challenges and show you which cognitive skills may need to be targeted and strengthened to experience real change (even if you're an already high-performing student/adult). The assessment will:

  • Pinpoint specific cognitive weaknesses that are holding you or your child back

  • Reveal the "why" behind struggles or frustrations you may have been observing for some time

  • Provide a detailed scientific look at individual cognitive strengths and weaknesses

  • Give you valuable insights into the next-best-step

Step 2 

Your assessment includes a detailed feedback consultation to provide you with your results and options.

Based on your assessment results and your individual goals, we can recommend a cognitive training program and develop an individualized development plan for you or your child.

Step 3 

Decide if we're a good fit for you.

When you sign up for one of our cognitive development programs, we partner you with a dedicated Cognitive Trainer who guides you through intense but fun brain building exercises. The 1-on-1 training is done remotely via Zoom from the comfort of your home or office. 

Take the 1st Step and schedule your Cognitive Assessment today.

Don't  wait one more day, week or year! A Cognitive Assessment is the 1st step towards pinpointing strong and weak cognitive skills, and gaining the information we need to help you overcome memory, learning, reading and attention struggles.​

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