Does my child have ADHD?

Underlying Symptoms of ADHD.


Research to date suggests that children (and adults) usually struggle with attention skills because of weak underlying cognitive skills - those brain functions responsible for how well we pay attention, learn, read and remember.

Though symptoms (and clusters of symptoms) of ADHD differs from person to person, these are the symptoms that present most commonly:

  • being easily distracted

  • struggling with inhibitory control

  • taking longer to complete tasks

  • struggling to maintain attention

  • making simple errors

  • not following directions

  • making impulsive decisions

  • avoiding tasks that are complicated

  • difficulty focusing on two tasks simultaneously

  • hyperactivity (in certain cases)

  • focus intensely on things they love for long periods of time (hyperfocus) 


The good news is that attention skills can be strengthened. Without medication.

Take the 1st Step and schedule your child's baseline Cognitive Test today.


We begin with a baseline Cognitive Test to identify which of your child's learning and attention skills may be showing signs of weakness. During the COVID-19 period, the test can be done online from your home.

Don't wait one more day, week or term! A simple, inexpensive cognitive test is the 1st step towards gaining the information we need to help your child overcome his/her attention struggles.


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