ADHD & Attention Struggles

Symptoms, Underlying Causes and Treatment

ADHD  is the umbrella term used to describe children (and adults) who experience significant challenges with focus, impulsivity or hyperactivity. 

Research to date suggests the underlying reasons for concentration and focus struggles may stem from specific cognitive weaknesses - those brain functions responsible for how well we pay attention, learn, read and remember.

Here's an example of one such research study, conducted by The Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research and presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, August 2017, Washington, D.C. 

The research study is called “Beyond Attention: Memory and Processing Speed Deficits Dominate Cognitive Profiles in ADHD Across the Lifespan.”


Here’s some of the interesting findings:


• Attention was not the weakest cognitive skill among more than 5,000 children and adults formally diagnosed with ADHD

• Across the lifespan, the greatest cognitive deficits in clients with ADHD were Working Memory, Long-Term Memory, and Processing Speed

• Sustained Attention was the fourth weakest out of seven cognitive skills tested


A Brain Skills Assessment (cognitive test) can pinpoint strong and weak cognitive skills, and provide you with the information you need to help your child overcome attention and focus struggles.

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Though symptoms (and clusters of symptoms) of ADHD differs from person to person, these are the symptoms that present most commonly:

  • being easily distracted

  • struggling with inhibitory control

  • taking longer to complete tasks

  • struggling to maintain attention

  • making simple errors

  • not following directions

  • making impulsive decisions

  • avoiding tasks that are complicated

  • difficulty focusing on two tasks simultaneously

  • hyperactivity (in certain cases)

  • focus intensely on things they love for long periods of time (hyperfocus) 


The good news is that attention skills can be strengthened. 

Without medication.

Our outstanding results in children with ADHD speak for themselves, helping your child leave behind their academic and social struggles for good.  


Take the first step today to find out the root cause of your child’s struggles and understand their unique brain skills (cognitive) profile.

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